An optimal tax position for your company

Want to make sure your company is taking advantage of all applicable tax regulations? Do you have shares in a private limited company and are you contemplating whether to transfer them? Would you like to increase employee commitment through better remuneration? Are investors knocking on the gates of your company, ready to step in? We are not telling you anything new when we say that every business step, every decision has tax consequences. But what is the best way to deal with them? What would be the most favourable tax solution for you? We gladly help you and your organisation adopt the optimum tax position at any given moment.

The basis: knowledge, experience and passion

Whatever business challenge you face, with Meex Tax you are assured of crystal-clear advice based on current legislation and regulations, as well as the necessary fiscal guidance during the implementation phase. Over the years we have been involved in many restructurings, mergers, demergers, takeovers and the entry or exit of partners or shareholders and our drive to achieve the best possible results remains undiminished. What can we do for you?

Compliance as a stable factor

Compliance is characteristic of our services. However, we never lose sight of the reason you hired us in the first place: preventing unexpected additional taxes, high administrative charges and reputational damage and, of course… never paying more tax than strictly necessary.

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The services of Meex Tax for businesses

  • National tax advice: entrepreneurial income tax/corporate income tax, payroll tax, turnover tax
  • International tax advice: cross-border issues, tax treaties, avoidance of double taxation, close cooperation with advisors within our international network
  • Advice and assistance relating to setting up corporate structures, restructurings, mergers, demergers, takeovers, converting companies into private limited companies (BVs), entry and exit of partners or shareholders.
  • Corporate income tax returns (with or without permanent establishment, fiscal unities, holding/financing companies)
  • Objection and appeal procedures
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