Your assets and legacy in the right hands

Your assets in the right place with minimum tax burden: Meex Tax knows exactly which tax and/or legal measures are required to organize your future estate as favourably as possible. Do you need clear advice on gifts or wills? Are you looking for expert guidance in structuring and transferring your fortune into an optimal tax plan? Covering all bases, Meex Tax sheds light on complex matters and provides tailor-made advice.

We enjoy getting to know you

Estate planning is only meaningful if all relevant aspects of your assets are considered. For personal, integral and complete advice we first take the time to get to know you to ensure we are always working towards your own personal goals:

  • Your current private situation
    Where in the world do you live, work and reside? Who is in your family? Do you have a life partner and if so, are you married or in a registered partnership? Do you have a community of property or a prenuptial agreement? Do you have a cohabitation contract? A (life) will? And is your will still in line with current legislation? Are there any special circumstances to take into account?
  • Your assets and your national and international interests
    How are your current assets composed and organized? Do you have a company/multiple companies, real estate, investments? Which countries are involved and in what way?
  • The structuring and transfer of your assets in the event of your life or death
    How and to whom do you wish to transfer your assets? What are your specific wishes? What measures are relevant in this context? Do you perhaps need to make a gift plan, have your assets certified, set up a trust, arrange succession for your business, adjust your prenuptial agreement, update your will?
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Personal and comprehensive estate planning

No matter how complex, at Meex Tax we will find a suitable solution for your specific assets, transfer and/or inheritance issues:

  • Integral estate planning services: legal and tax advice based on your specific personal situation, your wishes and encompassing all relevant tax types – from gift tax, inheritance tax and income tax to transfer tax, inheritance law and matrimonial property law
  • Practical and detailed figure-based plans
  • Smooth implementation of advice in cooperation with your notary
  • Filing of your gift- and inheritance tax returns
  • Cross-border tax advice in cooperation with foreign advisors
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